• Registration Requirements


    1. Certified copy of the Certificate of Birth
    (refer to BOE policy JBC for additional options)


    2. Certificate of Immunization, Form No. 3231


    3. Certificate of Eye, Ear & Dental Screening Examination, Form No. 3300


    4. Social Security Card
    (refer to BOE policy JBC for additional options)


    5. Proof of Residency


    One of the following:

    Copy of mortgage statement/payment - dated with name and address
    Copy of current deed or property tax bill/statement of value
    Copy of rental agreement - this must include the names of all people living in the house, the name of the lease holder/company, expiration date, signatures or a mortgage agreement



    One of the following:


    Copy of utility bill, telephone bill (land line only), or cable TV bill - name and address must appear on statement. The utility company will provide written verification. Must be within the last 45 days.
    Copy of homeowner's insurance policy/receipt or renter’s insurance policy/receipt - must be dated and show name and address.
    Income tax form with address on it - current year only.

    6. Photo ID of LEGAL parent/guardian. State photo ID preferred. School district reserves the right to verify the legitimacy of ID for safety reasons.


    7. Proof of custody/guardianship if person other than the birth mother is registering the child. Legal proof of the guardianship is needed (i.e. court documents or DFCS papers.)


    8. Withdrawal Form (all grades), discipline report and transcript for middle and high school students from previous school attended.


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